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Dan Wolgemuth, Past-President/CEO, Youth for Christ

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“…I would commend Rick to you as a faithful leader who will serve tirelessly to accomplish your goals and objectives…”

Jacob Bland, President & CEO
Youth For Christ – USA

Jacob Bland, President & CEO, Youth for Christ

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“…Rick understands what it takes to fund a mission. He understands “approach” without being mechanical. He embraces Processes, without losing passion…For years, he served our mission well…”

Dan Wolgemuth, Past-President/CEO
Youth For Christ

Referral from Matt Schulte, Executive Director, Youth for Christ Lincoln

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“…Multiply 417 has worked diligently with our team to adopt a new level of accountability in our fundraising efforts. By setting standards and holding us accountable to those standards ,we have see a major increase in the quality and quantity of our fundraising activities…”

Matt Schulte, Executive Director
Youth For Christ, Lincoln

Referral from Autumn Person, Campus Life Director, YFC, Alaska

Referral from Autumn Person, YFC Alaska

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“Rick has hands down been the person who has helped me the most in understanding the best ways to raise personal support. His experience and knowledge are magnificent but coupled with a heart that deeply desires helping others succeed. He has gone above and beyond …”

Autumn Person, Campus Life Director and Community Engagement Coordinator
Youth For Christ, Alaska

Referral from David Killian, Executive Director, Youth for Christ PBC

Referral from David Killian YFC PBC

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“Rick, I am praying in this moment that God will use Multiply 417 to provide for so many others what you have provided for me personally and the YFC movement for the past decades, specifically when it comes to shaping a right and biblical approach to generosity and care…”

David Killian, Executive Director
Youth For Christ PBC

Referral from Jill Denton, Youth for Christ Point Break

Referral from Jill Denton YFC Point Break

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“…Not only was Rick abel to guide me through a multi-channel, segmented approach, with several leters and an appointment strategy, he even assisted me in convincing our board of the need for a new CRM (donor database). Rick is easy to work with and his knowledge and expertise as it directly relates to fundraising is invaluable…”

Jill Denton, Executive Director
San Joaquin Valley Youth for Christ, Point Break Adolescent Resources

Referral from Jameson White, Youth for Christ Fresno/Madera

Referral from Jameson White, Youth for Christ Fresno/Madera

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“…Rick Fritzemeier of Multiply 417 has a wealth of knowledge and experience in non-profit leadership and fund development. He is both a practitioner with decades of real-world experience and an academic with methodologies and research to back it up….”

Jameson White, Executive Director
Fresno/Madera Youth for Christ